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About Not For Profit Funeral Plans 

The UK'S best value funeral plan 
Finally for consumers there is a fair and honestly priced funeral plan that many well established and trusted funeral directors are happy to administer. Over the past few years funeral plan prices have been increasing but the amount the funeral director receives to administer your funeral plan has remained largely unchanged. 
The main reason for this is the amount in commissions other funeral plan companies now factor in to their prices for third parties to sell their funeral plans. On average this is now an astonishing £600 per plan. That means £1200 for a couple and that doesn't include the administration fee for the plan provider.  
Comparison Sites and Third Party Companies 
We all understand that if someone sells something they deserve a profit but when it comes to funeral plans we think the amount paid for these sales have become increasingly high. You will not find us on any comparison sites and you will not be approached by anyone else selling our funeral plans, you have to come direct to us. This means what you pay for your funeral plan goes to the funeral directors to administer your funeral plan there is no profit paid from your money to any third parties. 
Many funeral directors are frustrated too as they are generally contracted to sell one company's funeral plans such as Golden Charter or Dignity although they are happy to accept funeral plans from other providers at lower prices, they are then asked not to disclose how much they have been paid to administer your funeral plan. 
We also acquired Which Funeral Plans for their exemplary customer service skills and expertise in the funeral planning industry. 
UK's best value funeral plan 
When you take out a Not For Profit Funeral Plan you are welcome and encouraged to visit or discuss your funeral plan with your allocated funeral director, both you and the funeral director can be open and honest about how much was paid and the administration fee that we recieve. 
Come direct to us for the best value funeral plan in the UK. 
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