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Not For Profit Funeral Plans Trust Fund 
The trust fund is managed by an independent panel of trustees. The investment managers are Quilter Cheviot who have built a reputation as a wealth management company over 240 years thanks to exemplary personal service and its drive to build and preserve the trust funds of its clients. 
The trust deed document was drafted by one of the UK's top law firms Birkett Long LLP of 1 Amphora Place, Sheepen Road, Colchester, Essex C03 3WG
You may rest assured that your money is safeguarded in the trust fund until the time it is required to be released to the funeral director to administer your funeral plan. 
We achieve this by ensuring that those investments are held in a fund which complies with all the relevant legislation as set out in the Regulated Activities Order (Financial Services and Markets Act 2000). This legislation stipulates that ‘sums paid by the customer under the contract will be held on trust for the purpose of providing the funeral and that the following requirements will be met with respect to the trust run by Quilter Cheviott'. 
quickly, spoke to two people with questions that were answered to my satisfaction, sent the applications for my wife and I and quickly received confirmation of their receipt. 
All together a very easy process made so by the people there 
After a twelve month consultation period the Government has now concluded that the funeral plan industry will be brought under regulation by the Financial Conduct Authority which is great news for the consumer as it will bring greater control and scrutiny and protection of funeral plan funds. 
We have always advised for the added safety and security of funds that you pay either your deposit by Credit Card and the balance by Debit Card or pay in full by Debit Card... your money will be 100% secure. 
For Credit Cards 
Section 75 laws mean your credit card must protect purchases over £100 for free so if there's a problem you will get your money back. 
This isn't the credit provider being nice. It's a legal protection put in place so that you're never in the position of paying off debt for something you didn't receive or wasn't as it should have been. Pay on a credit card and the credit provider is responsible too. 
If you pay your deposit by credit card the law is specific on this; you get the protection for the whole cost of an item or service, even if you only pay for a part of it on credit. 
For Debit Cards 
What is the Chargeback scheme? 
It is an arrangement offered by your debit, pre-paid or credit card provider that can get you a refund if something goes wrong when you spend on your card. You can get your money back through your bank or building society if you use a debit card. 
What transactions does Chargeback cover? 
It covers purchases of almost any value made on your card. You can use it to get your money back if: 
A purchase does not arrive 
The company you buy from goes bust 
Goods or services are not as described or are in an unsatisfactory condition 
You are charged more than agreed for a purchase or are charged more than once 
How much can you get back? 
You can claim back the full amount you have lost. 
Source: and Martin Lewis - 
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